When we were in the 9th grade, the principal promised the moon and stars from the sky to us but now it seems that the stars have started to fade away and the moon landing has been faked. One of the things that lure us into the school was that we’d get our own classrooms. So we got in the school and everything was good. We had our own space with refrigerator, microwave, some sofas, coffee maker and all the other luxuries. I speak for all our students when I say that we are all grateful for the things that the school and the teachers have done for us.

But now the principal has threatened to snatch our classrooms from us because the elementary grades might have to take over one of them. It means that the whole senior high school would have only two rooms and the biggest room would turn into a living room where the three grades would spend time together. The smaller room would remain as a proper classroom. This is where the actual problem lies. We don’t really get it how is it possible to fit three groups into two classrooms. Besides, one of these rooms is so small that it barely fits one group, let alone two. The alternative plan, according to our principal, is to move one class to junior high school corridor which would break the unity between senior students.

Teachers and the principal are not the only ones to blame, though. There are only two elementary schools in Luumäki but there used to be more. Less than 5 years ago the town decided to shut down two elementary schools, Kirkonkylä school and Kannuskoski school. It meant that all children from those schools had to come to Taavetti. Now Taavetti elementary school is full of children and they won’t fit in one wing of the school so they need to be spread all around the school building. And of course they need to take our wing.

I think that the school has to remember that they need more students to keep the senior high school going. I don’t think this new system would be good publicity for Taavetti. The students have spoken.