The student council in Taavetti senior high school arranged night school for the students the night between 20th and 21st of February. Students got the idea from their earlier experiences as some of them had had participated in similar events during their elementary school years, and thought it would be a fun thing to do.

Together we organized many fun activities for our class and other students, too. For example, we senior students arranged a Playstation console for some video games  in the Junior classroom. After returning to school at about 6 pm (our night school was to begin then), we visited the local store to buy some frozen pizza and other snacks. Our shopping done we came back to school and prepared the pizzas in the home economics classroom – the only place with ovens, you see! We enjoyed our food together while listening to some music. At that time the Juniors were in the art class doing some art. At some point we realised that the last year students had also joined us!  

Having our tummies full of pizza, we had more than enough energy to get Singstar, the karaoke game, going. Girls from the senior and junior classes we the most eager to participate in singing. A few last year student joined in  as well. Later we went to the library classroom and some of the senior students did some stand-up for the others. After that we played “Truth or Dare” with some of the senior girls and all the last year students. At the same time the juniors were watching a movie in their classroom.

At some point some of the students went for a playful ghost hunt in the school loft. Later that night some students went back to their classrooms, while others stayed in the library and sang more karaoke. Others watched a movie in the senior classroom. In the early hours of the morning, closer to 4 am, the rest of us went to our classrooms and sat down chatting about random stuff together. Last year students had graved for some freshly baked buns which they baked themselves and shared with the rest of us. What a treat! After a while people started to be quite tired and most of us went to sleep. In the morning, around 8 am we had breakfast together in the school cafeteria and then people went home.

The wisdom in all this: if you want to wake up feeling fresh, don’t stay up too late. Even we teens need our beauty sleep!