Welcome to get to know our senior high school!

Presentations at Taavetti senior high school are held annually in January at the Taavetti school center. During the presentation evening, you can get acquainted with high school teachers, students, as well as high school activities and facilities. In the introductory evening, you can discuss secondary senior high school subjects, issues related to senior high school studies, and ask interesting questions for choosing your own postgraduate study place. If you would like to come and visit the senior high school at other times, please contact the principal.


How to apply:

Apply for Taavetti senior high school in the spring on the Study Path. It is advisable to apply during the winter holidays or the following week. It is possible to put five different places that you apply to. The applying order is binding. You can be selected for your highest wish, for which your score/average is enough. When applying for Taavetti senior high school, the average number of subjects in the primary school leaving certificate must be at least 7.0. The results of the applying will be published in June. The high school place must be accepted on June enrollment day in the office of the Taaveti school center.

Study Path