Exam Week is at the end of every period, and it usually consists of 4 to 6 exams. Starting at 9 am you have 3 hours to finish your test, and after you’ve finished you can usually go home. Sometimes there’s a lesson after the exam where we revise for the next exam, due the following day..

I think that the exam week is kind of relaxing. Yeah, you have to study for  many exams at the same time, but it’s much easier to read at home than go to school for 6 hours (or at least I think so). Some days you don’t even have to go to school at all because you haven’t got an exam to go to! This usually happens if you have arts, music or PE.

I have one thing to complain about exam weeks, though – I hate it when you finish a test in an hour and you have to wait for two hours for the revision class. It’s kind of tiresome and dull!